Soon, my friends, soon…

It feels like forever since my last book release news (even though it was only 6 months ago. How crazy is THAT?)

But a new release IS on the way for September. The third in my Later in Love Romance series. Maybe the last one in that series…maybe not. I have other books that are whispering to me now so follow the muse I shall!

In the meantime, the release plan is this: Cover Reveal and pre-order links (Amazon willing) August 27 with a few cover teasers starting next week.

Full release Sept 27.

In the meantime, I’ve put both Doppelganger AND Must Love Coffee ebook versions on sale for .99 cents. I don’t do sales often so if you have been wanting either, now is the time to snag them.

dopp temp

DOPPELGANGER (A Later in Life Romance)

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MUST LOVE COFFEE (A Later in Life Romance)

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While this next book is the third in the series, you don’t have to have read Doppelganer of Must Love Coffee prior to reading this one (notice I haven’t told you the name? All part of the reveal!) Each of these are stand-alone works. They just happen in the same town with the same shops and same locals but each story focuses on new people inside the town. If you have read the others, there may be some Easter Eggs in there for you to discover. 🙂

The book is with the proof-reader now so all that’s left to do is market the release. o.0

Stay tuned next week for more news as this gets closer to release day!


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