It all comes off today!

Cover Reveal time!!!! And the title reveal! Here it is, book number 13, Taking Stock!

Here’s the blurb!

Can love really happen later in life?

Penny White was doing just fine as a cashier in the small town of Bucksville, New Hampshire. She had three cats and an apartment to herself. So what if she was in her mid-thirties and had yet to have a serious boyfriend? So what if she’d never left her tiny little town? She was happy in her sheltered life, or at least she was pretending to be.

Everything was just the way she liked it, until a reporter from The Sunset Journal waltzed into her life, turning her predictable world upside down. What did this man want from her and was it something she was willing to give him? It’s time for Penny to stop and take stock of what it is she really wants.

Here’s what all three books look like together! See how the designer pulled in elements of each book to tie all these stand alones into one cohesive look? I can’t wait to get a proof of the paperback in hand to see how the color prints!

Pre-Order Links

Amazon Smashwords iBooks Kobo Nook/Paperback (Coming Soon)

In the coming weeks, I’ll share with you some teaser quotes and the first chapter and I’ll be hosting swag bag giveaways and paperback! Fun ahead as we finish the summer season! Stay tuned! In the meantime, both Doppelganer AND Must Love Coffee are on sale for .99 cents!


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