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Where did Summer go?

Seriously? Like, I blinked and POOF, summer is GONE. Typically, I spend my summers writing all the words as I have a small break from the day job then, but alas, I foolishly agreed to be the Stage-manager of a musical here in my small coastal town and well, let’s just say stage-managing is really a full-time job. Writing did NOT get done.

It was worth it though. I got to see my son performing in a lead (Jack in Into the Woods) singing a solo (with some challenging notes to hit) in and among a cast of super talented adults and youth.

My daughter worked the stage crew with me as she had just gotten done performing a leading role of her own at another theater. She was Mary in Secret Garden, the Musical. She even had her face on the poster!

So between running to two different rehearsals (and help running a theatre camp during some of the hottest days of the summer), my writing days evaporated before my eyes.

Last day of camp. We’re smiling, but man, are we TIRED!

BUT, the good news is that the kids are back in school, and even though I’m also back at the day job, I am also able to settle back into my normal writing routine. I’ve mapped out my releases for the next two years, now all that I need to do is write them.

Easy peasy. Ha!


3 thoughts on “Where did Summer go?”

  1. I meant to tell you this earlier; I saw your daughter on opening night of her play and thought she did a great job.
    The play was a little strange, but she was good.
    I hope to ‘catch’ you again sometime – last time was the movie set. Theater certainly knows how to overtake one’s life, doesn’t it! I hope autumn is going better!

      1. Just to wish you, “Break a leg!”

        I will be out of the area in October, but will keep my eyes open for the future.

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