In it to win it

Just a brief update as the hours are short…

It’s day 20 of Nanowrimo (NAtional NOvel WRiting MOnth) and I need to reach 50,000 words by Nov. 30 to WIN. I currently sit at 33,362, which is right on target.

With ten days still left to go, I wonder, do I have the remaining 16,638 in me? That leaves me about 10,000 more words of story to climb, then the crisis…which I’m still not sure what that is yet (ha!) and then the conclusion. In theory, it can work but only time will tell.

Some days this journey feels like a slog-fest (soggy middle) but the beginning was fun (which there were higher word counts than required.) I’m hoping this end of the race will be smooth. I have ideas. So that is something?

That’s all for this week. I must rest my brain and fingers for tomorrow’s word count which may or may not happen with all the chaos that is life with teenagers.

Danielle Bannister, writer and typer of words


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