March Madness

This month started off for me with a plate so full, I was scared something was gonna drop. I was balancing WAY too many things at once. A play opening, my daughter was another play about to open, my son going through a schooling transition, the day job was ramping up some big plans, a book launch to prep for, family members passing…it was all too much.

And then, Covid-19 came into all of our lives. Everything on the plate suddenly was put on hold (maybe even the funerals…)

It’s a scary time to be sure. The world is being forced to slow down. To self-isolate for those most at risk. People like my parents, my grandmother, and yes, even me, as an immune-compromised person.

For the first time in my theatre life, the show did NOT go on. We got two performances (with very small houses because people were scared to come out) and then it was called. Maybe we’ll be able to mount it later…but I wonder what ‘later’ will look like for people. When this passes, what will our new ‘normal’ be? Will be want to be in large gatherings again for fear that it might come back, or that something else might take its place? Will we bring these hygiene practices into our daily lives? Will the economy support people going out again to seek entertainment, dining, or local shopping, or will we be in a depression with no disposable income? So much unknown.

Now what?

Many of us are asking, how do we do what we normally do, in this new reality? How do we work from home (if we can?) How do we school from home (if we must?) How do we do virtual worships for people who might need it? How do we connect with our elderly now that visitations have been restricted? How do we provide entertainment/arts to the world that is shut-in?

These are all valid questions. As an author, I even wonder if we bother with new book releases. Are people wanting to even read right now? Or are they craving content with nothing else to do? I don’t have the answer.

What I DO know, is that I will still work on new words. I have to, for my own sanity. I will continue to work on the projects I had lined up but there may only be e-books available as printed books via Amazon is not a current reality as it falls under ‘non-essential’ items.

I will continue to love my family and stay in contact with them and all my friends, thanks to social media. (Whoever thought we’d be thanking Social Media?) As an introvert, I may be more prepared for this time of isolation than others, but I will still crave the social interaction. We’re human. We all need that.

While this time is super stressful and scary because there is no timeline or resolution we can cling to, let us instead cling to our humanity. Let’s make sure our neighbors and most at risk have what they need. Let us adhere to safe practices like social distancing, hand washing, and only going to the store to get essentials when we absolutely have to.

We are in this together. Literally, everyone in the world is in this exact same boat. This is history in the making. Let them write about how we cared for one another in this dark time, not how we hoarded the TP.


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