Release day for the Isle of Glass!

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! Book 3 of The Hallowed Realms Trilogy: Isle of Glass is LIVE!

After 6 years of outlining, writing, editing, scrapping the project and reworking, and then writing again, Amy Miles and Danielle Bannister bring to you the final book in The Hallowed Realms Trilogy: Isle of Glass.



A group of humans, banshees, reapers, and lorcan walk into Hollow Earth … It sounded like the start of a bad joke, but this was our insane reality. By Taryn’s side, I entered a land neither of us had ever been to, to fight battles with impossible odds, and dance alongside a destiny neither Taryn or I fully understood.


Marching into Hollow Earth alongside my deranged lorcan brother is beyond mental, but what choice do I have? I have need of an army if I hope to overthrow King Baylor and free my people. But that means I have to place my trust in my sworn enemy. The fate of Netherworld and the Human Realm falls heavily on my shoulders. Only I can restore peace … but first I’ll have to walk through a literal Hell with Devlin to do it.

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HOLLOW EARTH Book 2 (On sale!)
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Early Reviews

I was excited to dive back into this series and couldn’t wait to see what happened. From the beginning I loved the characters and the storyline kept me intrigued throughout. I must say there are some interesting little twists here and there and that made me love it even more. Not going to lie might want to throw your book at a couple spots too… but don’t especially if it’s a kindle or your phone… might not end well – and you will want to see how it ends. My only issue with it… it’s the last one! Or is it? Hey I can dream can’t I? -All About Books Divas

 It was amazing! I can’t believe that this is the last book!! I never want it to end, but good things always come to an end and I couldn’t think of a better ending to this series than this book. Both Amy and Danielle made me leak out of my eyes. They made me smile until my face hurt and they made feel what the characters were feeling.

Beautifully written. The story line is perfect. Jumping back into this series was like visiting old friends, we picked up right where we left off. Sure there are going to be times your like oh crap and a cracker!! But those oh crap times are completely worth it.

Get Isle of Glass and see what is going to happen. You won’t be disappointed at all!! -Kelly McCurdy

I really enjoyed this series which was a collaboration of the authors of two different genres. Their styles meshed together beautifully to create an extremely compelling story. The wait for the conclusion was torture. Taryn and Devlin were an unlikely couple spanning 2 realms but they were determined to beat the odds to be together. Isle of Glass covers the adventures of 3 couples trying to survive Hollow Earth to get Seamus and Alana to the Isle of Glass and its healing waters. The ending was not what I had envisioned, but it was a perfect end to the series. Thank you Danielle and Amy for this amazing journey. -Jeanne McCartney


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