What Comes Next?

Now that I’ve released the final book in The Hallowed Realms Trilogy with Amy Miles (Isle of Glass) what’s up next? Glad you asked.


I like to have several projects at various levels of the process so there is a variety to work on. Currently, there is one that is in New Release mode, (Isle of Glass) one in line to publish later this fall (a Young Adult) and two in first draft mode.

Current Works in Progress

If you are in my Facebook fan group, you will have gotten to see a video explaining my journal process (you can join the private group here at Write All the Words, Danielle.) While keeping a journal for each book is not knew for me, this particular way of logging the books are. So far, it’s a process that has been helping my poor, aging brain to help remember those pesky details like a character’s last name or if I gave them glasses or siblings. Details are hard to hold onto these days.

In addition to a spot for general notes, location descriptions, and outline pages, each journal now has more complete character profiles. Prior to this, I’d just find images of people I thought looked like my character and called it good. Clearly, it wasn’t good because I was having trouble mid-way through my writing remembering those details (like did I give them glasses or a pesky sibling?) I needed to keep better notes.

By looking at other examples and adding elements I learned that I wanted, I created this character profile form. I start with my main character, followed by 10-20 pages just like this for each subsequent character. It’s a lot of work but it saves me pain later on.

Character Profile.

In addition to a picture, I now have more details about them. Who are their friends, and family? What is there relationship status? Then more obscure stuff like what astrological star sign are they? What deadly sin might live under the surface? Where do they stand on the Myers-Briggs scale? All of this information won’t live on the pages of the novel, but it will help me form how my character talks, thinks, and behaves. So far, I’m digging this new process of keeping more detailed tracking of my novel’s progression.

Of the two first drafts I’m writing, one is a few thousand words from typing those beloved words of any first draft:

The End.

Once that is draft is finished, I’ll put it on a shelf to sit, while I start back on the other WIP which is only a few chapters in. I like to give each draft some time away from my brain so that when I go back to revise, my mind is fresher. Separation from story is a good thing when editing.

So, that’s where I’m at. Still writing, despite the pandemic. And this is where I’ll continue to be for as long as I can. One book at a time.

Danielle Bannister, author and maker of all the forms


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