Lots to tease!

Book teases, that is! (Minds out of the gutters people!)

For those of you who missed it on my social media platforms, I have a cover tease out with a full reveal on 9-1-20. EEP! This is for my Young Adult novel, a first in the genre for me. Double eep. Check back here on the 1st for the full cover!

I also shared in my reader’s group Write All the Words, Danielle, and on my author page, Bannister Books but I’ll share it here too! Just a few opening lines of the book. 🙂

Why were boys so stupid? Like, seriously? Why couldn’t they see that their literal other halves were sitting only a few chairs away from them? How could they not pick up on the energy of obsession that wafted their way? Probably because the object of my obsession was a boy who barely knew my name, let alone that I was staring at him while pretending to read.

Ah, angst-ridden youth. It brings me back. Back to a time when the stakes were high and everything was riding on a moment. I wrote this book for my teenagers who are going through this very angsty time, though neither one of them will likely read it. Ha. But that’s not to say it’s a story only for teens. All of my adult beta readers who have read it (so far) have thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you will, too.

Okay, that’s all the teasing for today. I’m now onto write on my next WIP!

Danielle Bannister, author and teaser of all the book things


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