HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me AND my 15th book!

Today is the day! Not only is it my 45th birthday (gasp) but it’s the book birthday of Bannister Books number 15: What Moons Do. A young adult romance.


You can purchase the e-book or paperback here.

For those who need a refresher of what the book is about, you can read the blurb here and/or watch a video of me reading the first chapter HERE.


It started as a stupid assignment: Photograph the moon in all its phases. Child’s play for high school junior Heather Daughtry. Science, she understood. How to be a wallflower, easy. Being besties with an extrovert who radiated awesomeness, she had down pat. Boys, however, were a subject she just couldn’t get a handle on. 

Especially after Josh Gavin, the guy Heather had been infatuated with for three years, asks her best friend, Trista, to Homecoming instead of her. The reality Heather is used to shifts, then turns upside-down after a plan is concocted with Trista to put Josh back into Heather’s reach. It would be insane, that much she knew, but she followed Trista… Because that’s what moons do.

I’m going to go rock in a corner now as I do for every release day. Happy birthday to me. Ha.

Danielle Bannister, Author, birthday girl, and releaser of a YA book


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