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Writers on Writers-Paranormal

During a pandemic when in-person meetings and book signings are a no-go, what is a creative type to do? We Zoom, that’s what! I’ve decided to kick off a monthly virtual video broadcast of writers talking to each other about, wait for it… Writing! Each month will be a new genre/theme with a new author.

On Tuesday afternoon, I sat down with Paranormal author Belinda Boring to talk about all things paranormal.

I met Belinda years ago at one of the above mentioned book signings, Penned Con. She is a delightful woman with 25 books in her back list and counting. Below are some of the books we talked about in our broadcast.

As you can see, she’s written a LOT in the Havenwood Falls series. I have one title with them (The Lurkers Within) but she has a bunch, so we talked in our broadcast about the challenges and the rewards of writing in such a complex world that currently has 46 authors writing in the universe and about 85 individual titles, 2 multi-author collaborative books and soon to be 3 holiday anthologies to delight any paranormal reader. She also has a werewolf series readers can sink their teeth into as well!

You can catch the first broadcast of WOW: Writers on Writing on my author page (on Facebook) Bannister Books on October 30th at 7:00 PM (ET)

Danielle Bannister, author and interview host


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