Enigma Picked up by City Owl Press!

So some exciting news that happened on Wednesday. I got an email from the co-owner of City Owl Press who had stumbled on my dark romance, Enigma, and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Initially, she asked if they could represent me for film/TV rights as she thought this would be a great film adaptation, but then, a few hours later, she came back asking to take on the whole thing!

After doing my due diligence and reviewing the contract I signed with them! That means that soon, Enigma will be taken down from all platforms, get a new cover/title/edit, and a whole new marketing plan. While it’s hard to let go of a cover I ADORE and a title that describes Sarah to a T, I also understand how the market works, and if tweaking both those things helps to get Sarah’s story out there to a wider audience, I’m all for it!

If you’d been meaning to snatch a copy of this book in its current form, I’d suggest you do it soon before it comes down…

More exciting news to follow in a few days… Stay tuned!

Danielle Bannister, author and new Owl


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