One Chapter At A Time

This year, my release plan is a bit crazier than normal. The plan is to do four releases and a series re-brand in 2021. One of which I’ve already done (the boxed set of The Hallowed Realms Trilogy)

So pretty…

I’m hoping for something fun in March, but stay tuned. My next book release will be in April (if my editor doesn’t come back with a suggestion of a major re-write.) I’m hoping for another release in June, a special treat in September, and, if the cards align, another release in November.) Along with a lot of other fun things like sales and giveaways planned.

So, how do I plan do it? One chapter at a time. Literally.

In my planner (yes, I LOVE a paper planner) I have taken my yearly goals and broken them down into smaller, achievable daily goals to reach the yearly plan. If I look at the yearly plan on its own, it’s daunting. It is overwhelming, and way, WAY too much to do. BUT, if I break it down into super small bites, suddenly it’s manageable.

My paper brain.

One way I’ve found to do that is to work on several projects at once. And work one chapter a day (I even write on weekends, but that’s only because I’m single and insane.) One chapter I’m writing or one I’m revising. (Each book goes through 4-6 revisions with me before it goes to the editor.) So, my week may look like this.

Monday: Chapter 18 (draft 2) of Book A

Tuesday: Chapter 19 (draft 2) of Book A

Wednesday: Chapter 2 (draft 1) of Book B

Thursday: Chapter 3 (draft 1) of Book B

Friday: Chapter 23 (draft 3) of Book C

Saturday: Chapter 24 (draft 3) of Book C

Sunday: Short Stories or Catch-up chapter

I always write my plans in pencil, because life happens. I also try to build in a catch-up day because, again, life.

Now, some people can’t work on multiple projects at once. I couldn’t when I first started out either. That’s why it took me three years to write/release one book. Ha. Now that I write several stories in a stacked order, there is always one nearing the finish line, one or two midway, and one just starting. For me, it was a more efficient use of my time, and it helped to keep me on my toes. I would suggest keeping a story bible/journal nearby if you do this, so you don’t get your stories mixed up! Not that I’ve ever done that *cough.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to write my chapter for the day.

Danielle Bannister, Author and one chapter at a time writer


2 thoughts on “One Chapter At A Time”

  1. Fantastic post! I have to say that you are a great inspiration for me to get back to my writing. It was nice to see your face at the Maine RW meeting! Good luck with the books!

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