She liked it!

I posted last week about how I bought my first TV in over a decade primarily so that I could watch the Marvel Movies with my 15-year-old daughter who has never shown ANY interest in the flicks. My son and I went to just about all of them together so this was a piece I really wanted her to get on board with. But action flicks just weren’t her thing. BUT THEY ARE FUNNY I said, it’s not just action!

It wasn’t until her friends told her they wanted to see Black Widow that she realized she better catch up so she wouldn’t be lost.

She’d already seen Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy before and they didn’t pull her in, so she was skeptical. I told her I would start her where I began, The Avengers. Now, I KNOW that’s not where it begins, but that’s the movie that sucked me into the universe because of the team and the humor. The tone of the franchise switched with that movie in a new direction. If she knew more of that was in the works, she might stick around.

I held my breath as I pushed play hoping against hope that she might dig them and we could move onto the ones I deemed important to get the emotional punch of Endgame. For the first few minutes she was quiet and I wondered if she was bored or not following along (some of the plot stuff is confusing even to me now.) But then I heard it. A laugh. Then another. Then a plot question. Another laugh. SHE WAS PAYING ATTENTION!

Now, I had predicted she’d be a Cap fan, but turns out she’s a Stark fan! I can’t WAIT for her to watch Civil War!

This week we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier (one of my absolute favorites, because BUCKY!) Since I knew Cap wasn’t her fave we opted to skip Captain America: The First Avenger BUT I made her watch this reaction video because she HAD to understand some things for Winter Soldier to make sense.

She was really disturbed by Bucky’s mind swipe. As she should be. That stuff is not cool. She felt sympathetic to him which is EXACTLY what she should feel for Civil War to hit. (eeep.) She nearly lost her mind when Fury ‘died’ though. She kept saying, ‘He’s not dead. He’s not dead. They wouldn’t kill him off.’ She liked Hulk too! Like mother like daughter! After the movie, she was texting her friends about it. It made my heart swell!

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be next, another weaker entry, but it will set up Civil War which I think she’ll really dig!

Maybe by then, I’ll have my stand for my TV so it won’t need to live on my writing desk?

Maybe when these are done, she’ll finally cave and watch Twilight with me? No, probably not. A girl can dream though.

Danielle Bannister, writer and Marvel Mama


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