The Second 100 Kisses is now LIVE!

EEEP! At long last, Book 2 in The Practice Makes Perfect Series is LIVE! More platforms will be coming soon!

How do you date your best friend?

That’s the nagging question on Chloe Clark’s mind after she lands her romantic storybook ending with her bestie/next-door neighbor, Liam McGeary. Now that they are officially a couple, what does that mean for their relationship?

How do they go from snarky conversations about who has the longest fry to heavy petting? The situation is only made harder because Liam is a virgin and wants to save that part of himself for marriage. Chloe knows she won’t be the girl Liam ends up walking down the aisle with, but boy oh boy, she’ll have fun playing with him in the meantime, riding that purity line as far as she can. 

But with Liam always eager and ready to play, it makes the job of restraining her desire a constant challenge. Chloe knows herself well when it comes to guys, though. She always jumps in too fast, becomes clingy, and scares men away. If she wants this moment to last with Liam, she’ll have to turn the heat down and learn how to date him without her usual moves. Practice makes perfect, right? 

It worked for their first hundred kisses. Now comes the hard part: dating.

The Second 100 Kisses is the full steam ahead contemporary friends-to-lovers sequel to The First 100 Kisses. Proceed with caution and grab a fan. It’s about to get steamy.

Still need to read book one?

Book 1: The First 100 Kisses

Next week I’ll share the first chapter here for those who are curious!

Danielle Bannister, author and releaser of books!


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