Tonight’s the night

Tonight’s the night, people. Tonight my daughter watches Captain America: Civil War for the first time. Eeep. This is my favorite of all 23 movies in the Marvel Universe. Yes, because The Winter Soldier has an awesome arc in this one, and also because of the hero against hero dynamic. And my God, the action scenes in this one are off the charts epic.

Though we aren’t watching all 23 movies (my daughter isn’t that invested in it…yet) I’ve started her on the journey that I took. It was only after watching the movies in this order that I went back and watched the ones I was missing. This is our list and where we are at now. She’s ready for Spider-Man, a superhero who is the closest to her age and thus, easier to connect to.

Sorry Paul, she doesn’t wanna see Ant Man. I have failed you. I have much shame.

I was worried about how we were going to watch those Spider-Man movies, because they aren’t on Disney+. Not to fear, my sister came in for THE WIN! ALL 23 MOVIES!

Yes, I DO own a DVD player. I’m that old.

At this point, my daughter is Team Iron Man/Black Widow. I do wonder how she will feel after this movie. I too was Team Iron Man, up until this movie. Then, I saw them both a little differently. So, I’m so curious how she’ll like this one. Part of me was wondering if she is just humoring her mama by watching these with me, but yesterday she had a play rehearsal so we couldn’t watch a movie. I mentioned I was sad we had to skip a night and she admitted she was too. Yay!

Now, how to hold my excitement until tonight. It’s gonna be a long day.

Danielle Bannister, author and Marvel Mama


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