Like Thanos, Marvel fandom is inevitable in my house

What was meant to be a several month journey through the Marvel universe with my 15-year-old daughter, durned into a three day weekend of back to back viewings, because she just HAD to know what happened next. My sweet summer child doesn’t know the agony the rest of us had to endure waiting for these films to come out in the cinema like my son and I had to!

After Civil War she was upset. Shouting at the screen and at me that they didn’t make up. That Tony and Steve were still at odds. She’s like her mama. She wants them all to get along. Because she had a rehearsal that went from 10-4, we committed to finishing our run over the weekend. We’d watch two that night and the other two the following day. Well, that didn’t pan out. And that’s my fault. I let her skip Black Panther because she was SO upset by Civil War, I figured she needed something light. So, we jumped to Thor, which naturally, forced Infinity War on us. When that finished at 9:30, she just looked at me and said, “We’re finishing it. I can’t go to bed after that!: So, we stayed up until 1:00 am to finish Endgame! Ha! Me, who can barely stay up past 9:30. But we pulled through and she was 100% invested.

Now, to be fair, she didn’t watch all of the ones on my original list for her. (I’d created a modified view list unsure if she’d be down for 23 movies so I parred it down to the essentials for Endgame to land.)

She’s on board to watch all the ones she’s skipped. She’s all in. Since she is with her dad half the week I let her borrow my coveted 23 DVD set. She now understands how special they are so I know she’ll take good care of them.

I may need to get her one of her own now…

And yes, I’ve introduced her to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And yes, she’s already finished it. Ha! I’ve raised her right.

Because of all this movie watching, my writing schedule has take a little hit. Which means I’ll have to shift things around to stay on track (always make plans in pencil!) But this distraction was soooo worth it. Creative types need to enjoy art too! And yes, the MCU is art.

Danielle Bannister, author and memory maker


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