At long last, the show must go on

It was mid-March of last year when the two week lock down was implemented in my state. That meant the show we had JUST opened and had only two performances done, would halt and resume a few weeks later. *sigh.

As the weeks turned into months, it became clear that the show would NOT go on. I mean, the cast had 19 people in it, and the production team held 13. There was no way you’d be able to get that many cast/crew to:

1. Retain their lines for that long;

2. Remember their blocking/cues; and

3. be available over a year later to re-mount the show.

The odds of the planets aligning for something like that would be insane. Inconceivable. Ludicrous.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, we’re re-mounting the show at the end of this month. With only a few differences.

  1. Rehearsals: We met via Zoom in the months leading up to the show going back up to help us see if we DID in fact remember our lines from the year before.

2. Blocking/tech cues. That, we find out tonight, as this will be our first in-person meeting since March of last year. We’ll be performing outside, which adds a whole new curve ball into the mix. No more set tree pieces flying in from above, no revolving stage floor (which was super cool,) etc. We’ll have to modify our spacing meaning the blocking we had will NOT be the blocking we land on for the most part. How the outdoor lighting/sound will work, well, I guess we’ll work on that tonight too.

3. The cast/crew. While we did lose a few people due to other commitments and health issues, we’ve retained 95% of our original group, which, on it’s own is nothing short of a miracle.

Literally the only photo of me in the show and this is the face I make. Of course.

If you’re local and want to nab tickets, I’d do if fast as there are seating limits due to COVID. You can book here:

There will be changes for sure. Costumes will need to be altered, blocking changed, masks worn off stage, makeup done at home, that sort of thing. But, over a year later, the show will go on.

As long as it doesn’t rain…

Danielle Bannister, author and actress


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