If you’re on my newsletter you should have an email waiting for you, but this was just too fun to not share here as well. I’ve teased this on my Talk To Me Tuesday broadcasts too but now it is time!

To celebrate the release of The Second 100 Kisses, I’m giving away something HUGE!

On April 27th, I released my sixteenth book, The Second 100 Kisses. A huge milestone for me. Sweet 16! If you haven’t snagged Book 1 or 2 you can nab them below.

Now, to the good stuff! To help celebrate the release I’m giving away the SOLD OUT January subscription box from Bookworm Box which features my Young Adult novel, What Moons Do. The box includes EXCLUSIVE Cover art, a Bookworm Box blanket, a lilac scented candle and some other fun swag! Want a chance to win it? All you need to do to enter is fill out this two question form. That’s it! (US residents only)

Next week I’ll have a cover tease… EEEP! Stay tuned!

Danielle Bannister, author and giver away of fun stuff!


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