Time for a facelift!

In September, my first book Pulled turns ten! How is that possible? They grow up so fast. *sniff. The covers were starting to show their age. Accordingly, it was past time to give this trilogy a makeover.

While the old covers were fine, at the end of the day, they didn’t do the job that a cover should: convey they genre. I mean, you look at these and the first thing you think is dark and paranormal vibes, right?

Also…see how tiny my name is? Author insecurity 101.

Not EXACTLY the right genre. While the books do have some darkness and could be seen as paranormal if you didn’t believe in the concept of Twin Flames, it was misleading readers about the journey Naya and Etash were going to encounter, which ultimately is a powerful love story. A deep soul connection that goes beyond a simple crush. So, if these books are about a love story…why do I not have a couple on the cover? *smacks head. Good question.

For the facelift, I needed something dark, yet romantic. For that, I turned to my go-to cover artist (who did NOT do the old covers) Amy at Q Design Cover and Brand Premades. Poor Amy. I gave her an impossible task. There is a LOT of text for a cover. The title of the book, the name of the series, the subtitle for each book AND an author name. Getting all of that on a cover without making it look crowded is not an easy task, but I think she did it beautifully.

HOWEVER, it’s not quite time to show off her hard work. Yet. You know me, I like to tease you. So, this week you’ll just get the bottom of the cover, which has my name rebrand loud and proud. No more hiding that in the shadows. By dropping my long name to two lines, I can give it the weight it should have had in the first place. Now it can be seen even in thumbnail. Oh, the things we learn over the years about being an author.

See you next week!

Danielle Bannister, author and cover teaser


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