My latest addiction

There is a line in my YA book What Moons Do that lifts up that one of the characters is like the moon, going through phases. I am no different. I too go through phases. I get sullen, or moody, and feel very much like a new moon, hidden from view. But then, there are other days that feel like the world is glowing with goodness. That’s where I’m at now. Glowing. And what has put me into that headspace? YouTube. More specifically, reaction videos.

I. Am. Addicted.

Like, legit. Every morning I search for new reaction videos to things I love. Songs, movies, TV shows. If I love it, I’m searching for a reaction for it. Here’s the caveat though. The reaction has to be a positive one. If it’s in anyway negative about the thing I love, I click away.

It took me several weeks to figure out WHY I am so invested in complete strangers reacting to things I enjoy. This is what I’ve discovered.

I enjoy watching others be moved by art.

It fills my heart with so much joy to see emotions of surprise, joy, and yes, even anger where appropriate. It helps me see how similar we are as a human race to observe that others have the same response to when art is being made. And yes, movies, trailers, TV shows can be art.

These are a few reaction videos I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Reaction to Captain America: The Winter Soldier (The best MCU Movie-She does the whole MCU and is awesome)

Reaction to Falling by Harry Styles (This music video is ART)

Josh Pray Reaction to Outlander Season 1

Reaction to Dear Evan Hansen Trailer (I love how overcome with emotion these guys got)

Reaction to The Batman Trailer (Robert Pattinson Love. HE is art. *cough)

Metalhead watches HAMILTON

The reminder that art is in our lives to help remind us how connected we are is beautiful to me. So to all the artists out there. THANK YOU.

Danielle Bannister, author and reaction video watcher.


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