Where You Left Me is now live on Kindle Vella!

As promised, my first Kindle Vella story is now live on the new Amazon platform. For those unfamiliar with this new platform it is an episodic reading adventure. Sort of like TV shows where you get content on a daily/monthly/weekly basis. (Release schedules are up to the authors.)

The first few episodes on Vella are free, then, if you want more, you buy tokens to redeem on the stories you want to follow. 🙂

The Book Trailer


Jasmine Fairchild has just been left at the altar. But that’s not where her story ends. It’s where it begins. She’s paid for the church, the reception, and the honeymoon. The guests are all present. All that’s missing is a groom. And she wasn’t beneath asking for volunteers. Her big day was not going to be ruined over a tiny detail of a missing husband. Lucky for her, she found a willing volunteer. A cute one at that.

New episodes of this story will drop every Sunday until the story is finished. After that, who knows?

Until then, I’m off to review the final proof of Girl On Fire (releasing 9-7-21)

Danielle Bannister, author and releaser of Kindle Vella episodes


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