What comes next?

Soon you’ll see, you’ll remember you belong to me… wait, that’s Hamilton. My bad.

I meant what’s next for my release schedule! There’s always another story coming!

So far, in 2021, I’ve released four titles. The Hallowed Realms Boxed set in January, The Second 100 Kisses in April, the Twin Flames Trilogy rebrand covers in June, then a few days ago I put out my first episode on Kindle Vella with a story called Where You Left Me.

On Sept. 7, the book formerly know as Enigma, gets revamped and published by City Owl Press as Girl on Fire.

What is new, is that red mock cover in the bottom corner. Waiting in the Wings is set for a November release (edits willing.) It doesn’t have a cover yet because I haven’t met with my designer. Ha. That will happen later this summer. This novel is interesting because of the nature of how it came to be.

I set out to write a romance set in a theater because, as an actor, I see romances happening like this ALL THE TIME (not to me, mind you, but that’s not the point.) So, I figured with all my theater background it only made sense to set another story there (Pulled has a similar setting-an acting school.) Waiting in the Wings will follow the admin for The Red Curtain Theater and the actors as they rehearse a new play. The problem? I didn’t have a play for them to rehearse. I may be many things (writer, actor, Marvel mama) but a playwright I am not. I could have used a public domain work but I really wanted something original. Which meant, I needed a playwright.

This is where fellow actor AND playwright, Randy Hunt came in. While I’d never acted opposite Randy, I knew he had written a bunch of 10 minute plays and wondered if he had a full length kicking around. He didn’t. But he had always WANTED to write one. He asked me what the ideal script for my story would need. And boom. A collaboration was born. I told him what I love to have and he crafted an entire play around what scenes I needed my characters to be rehearsing! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

Yesterday he gave me the 6th draft of his script for me to plug into my final personal edits before it goes to the editor in October. When I get the cover design back, I’ll certainly be sharing it with you, but at this point I’m working on a series set in this world. Hence, the subtitle, A Red Curtain Romance. Different stories that will somehow tie to The Red Curtain Theater as either a main player or a side one. I already have a second in the series in 3rd draft form and a third in the outline stages.

That’s not including the three other stories I’m working on for next year. 🙂

Oh, and I’ve also got a EXTREMELY LIMITED PRINT RUN 10th Anniversary edition of Pulled which is only available to order a few more weeks, so if you want in on that… NOW is the time.

Welp, it’s time to get writing. Until next time…

Danielle Bannister, author and teaser of titles


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