Look who turned 20!

No, not my son. He’s got a few more years for that, thank goodness. It’s the podcast that I’m a part of. On Monday, we celebrated our 20th episode! That may not seem like a large milestone but for us it’s huge.

Bound By Books is a collection of five authors who write across the genres to talk about that one thing we are all bound by: books.

I SWEAR this has to do with writing.

Our group meet when we all took a marketing class last year. None of us knew the other but we decided we wanted to form a group to meet weekly to discuss the things we were learning. A fast bond formed and the idea of a podcast was tossed out. I’d always wanted to try a podcast and this seemed like the best way to do it, with a group of like minded women! Because five voices at once is a lot of voices, we take turns making each podcast unique to the hosts. It’s been a hoot to do! Since our first episode aired back in May of this year, our downloads have grown by 728%. That’s crazy!

We’ve even started adding the podcasts to YouTube for people who want to see us chatting as well. We started posting those after we’d been podcasting for awhile so currently we only have 8 episodes you can watch but you can find them all at the link above.

We’ve covered a vast array of topics from how we come up with stories, how we plan them out, what our heroes need, to Marvel men. YES, it relates to writing romance. Honest.

You can check out all of our podcasts on Spotify, Apple, Google, Sound Cloud, or watch us on YouTube. You can learn about the members of the group on our website here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write all the words, Danielle.

Danielle Bannister, author and recorder of all the words


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