Winner, Winner, chicken dinner: Nano report

Well, after 30 long days, I have done it. I finished another year as a ‘winner’ of Nanowrimo.

Woot Woot!

I started the month out with only the whiff of an idea. I didn’t plot out my story before I wrote it. I just wrote… still with a beat sheet at my side so I wasn’t going in completely blind. Some days it was a slog, while others the words just flowed. That’s the beauty of Nano. Every day, you don’t know what you’ll be faced with.

Now that this first draft of a new series is done, it’s going to sit on my computer and ignored (so I can forget the story), and then later next year I’ll dig it out and start a second draft with fresh eyes.

Tomorrow, December 1, I’ll pick up those stories I’d pushed aside for Nano. No rest for the wicked.

Until next time, my peeps.

Danielle Bannister, author and Nanowrimo winner!


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