Cover Tease #1

Last week I let you know that I was taking on a pen name and that I’d have a new release with that name early next year. Well, I’m starting the rollout of the cover reveal today!

I present to you, teaser #1! (A full reveal will happen on 12-28-21.)

Ooooooo. I’m such a tease!

What I DO let you see is: Volume One. Hmmmm. Interesting. 😉 Yep. This will be book 1 in a series of several rapid-release novellas. A first for me! I’m busy putting the second book together and right after that is done, I’m diving into book 3, and then book 4… you get the point.

What do I mean by rapid-release? Within a few months of each other! I won’t be tormenting you by having to way six months to a year for a continuation of a story. How fun will that be?

When the full cover reveal happens at the end of the month, I’ll have up a pre-order link up if you want to snatch it!

Until I take a little more off next week!

Danielle (and Dani) Bannister, author, and cover teaser!


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