Tease me: Part 2

You know I love a good tease, and today we take more off the cover reveal (Full reveal 12-28-21.)

This will be the first entry into my romance pen name, Dani Bannister.

A few people might be able to guess what this is already. If so, shhhhh!

This will be Vol. 1 of many… We’ll see how long the story survives in my head, but there are at least three of these planned for release in 2022, with more planned for 2023, so… we shall see! In my rough outlines, I’m seeing 5 of them, but who knows, it may evolve into more?

What can you expect from this series?

  1. They will have the same two characters throughout the series.
  2. They will be steamy. If you don’t want to see smexy times, this series won’t be for you.
  3. They will be novellas (roughly 25K words.)
  4. They will be contemporary romances.
  5. They will be fun, page-turners.

I’ve ordered a print proof of the book to check for internal layout and overall look/feel, which with the print shortage and the sluggish mail system, I’ll probably see it after the book goes live in February, but whenever I DO get it, and I’ve finished using it for what I need it for, I’ll host a giveaway of that one and only proof copy, because that’s always fun!

Until next time when I’ll be in the throws of prepping for my daughter’s 16th birthday! AHHH!

Danielle Bannister, a.k.a. Dani Bannister, author and cover teaser


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