The Triple Cover Reveal!

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that I love to plan. Like, LOVE it. I use a version of the image below for three years out to map project timelines. The goal for me is to try to have a release each quarter (something I’ve built up to over the years.) Normally, the month before a release, I’d do a cover reveal as part of my marketing plan.

A typical layout for my planning

However, this year, I’m doing a five-book series, which are all releasing within a few months of each other. Which is great for readers. Tricky for planners. When you release a rapid-release series, it requires pre-order info for the next book. And if you have a pre-order link, you need a cover and poof… there goes the cover reveal plan that used to work. Ah, the best-laid plans.

But the upheaval of my plan is your gain! It means you get to see the first three covers that will release this year all at the same time! May I present, Vol. 1-3.

Mad props to my designer for increasing the intensity of the bouquet color to match the growing intensity of their growing relationship. The tag line for each is a different phase of their relationship as well. Not only does each book have to have a story arc, but the series needs to as well. That requires a lot of braining!

This is the first series I’ve ever written, and so far, it’s been super fun to write. I sure hope you are having as much fun with Jasmine and Shawn as I have had writing them. If you missed it, last week I gave readers a FREE prequel story to this series. It’s Shawn’s story in the moments leading up to where Vol. 1 begins and I think it gives you a little insight into his headspace that day.

Vol. 1 is live, Vol. 2 is on pre-order, and Vol. 3 will be up for pre-order soon. Vol. 4 and 5 will come out early next year so I can have time this year to release another book that has been waiting its turn ever so patiently.

Okay, I’m off to write more on Vol. 3! Until next time! Oh, and as a PS, if you wanna snag some free sexy stories, check out this super hot list of steamy stories you can snatch up.

Danielle/Dani Bannister, author and triple-cover revealer.


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