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Ask it. Believe it. Receive it. Pt 2.

A while back, I did a post on manifestations. In that post, I talked about how I’d been trying a new approach to thinking. I’d been reading a lot of manifestation books and articles on the concept and thought I’d give it a shot.

The general idea was that you should ask the Universe for something. Then, believe you’d get it, and when you did, realize you got what you asked for. Ask it. Believe it. Receive it.

So, I had to think about things I wanted. And being okay with wanting something. This was no time to be meek. I had to allow myself to ask for things. After some self-reflection, there were three really big things (for me) that I started with.

  1. I wanted Girl on Fire to become a bestseller.
  2. I wanted a new couch. A very specific new couch.
  3. I wanted financial stability. (Don’t we all?)

With the list of what I wanted, I began the work of manifesting them into reality. I started this journey of manifestation back in August of last year. It wasn’t as easy as just writing down the things I wanted. I also had to trust and BELIEVE that those things would come to me. That the Universe would give me what I wanted. My job was not to focus on HOW I’d get those things, but rather to trust that they would happen and acknowledge it when it did.

For six months I journaled. I asked the Universe for what I wanted. I imagined myself having the things I asked for. Truly believed that they would come to me. All I had to do was ask and believe, (harder than it sounds) and if I did those two things, the Universe would find the fastest way to give me those things. Trust me, I know it sounds wackado, but I did it anyway. I trusted the process.

Well, it’s six months later. How have any of those three manifestations come true?

  1. I wanted Girl on Fire to become a bestseller.

2. I wanted THIS couch. I even taped inside my journal six months ago. I did not have the $1,300 bucks to pay for this couch. I only had about $300 bucks tucked away for it one day.

I have ALWAYS wanted an L-shaped blue couch.
I have no idea why.

Then, out of the blue, $1,000 came my way. It wasn’t money I was expecting or planning on. But the Universe provided it to me. I’ll be honest, at first, I didn’t want to use it on the couch. My worrier wanted to save it, or put it toward a new car (which I also need.) But a dear friend reminded me that I had asked the Universe for this couch. My job was to receive the gift. So, I ordered it!

It is everything I hoped for and more!

And lastly, the big item I was the most terrified to ask for.

3. I wanted financial security.

Now, this ask is a personal one. Ever since my divorce years ago, I have struggled to raise two kids with my day job. My writing, while I love doing it, isn’t paying for anything but itself at the moment, so a day job is a necessity. But, finding a job with my health issues is tricky. Which is part of why I stayed at my lower-paying job for 16 years. It worked for my health.

Earlier this month, my current day job let me know that my position might not be there next year. COVID had really affected the need for my role in its current state. Suddenly, I HAD to look for a new job. While I was terrified of the thought of starting all over in a new position, I trusted that the Universe had a plan. I BELIEVED that I would find the perfect job for me. As a normal worrier, it is not easy to let go of control.

But I had asked the Universe for financial security, and I am here to report, that that is exactly what the Universe gave me. Starting next week, I’ll be working a remote job that will take care of the health issue, I’ll get great benefits, a built-in community, but more importantly, it will also tick off that final box of being financially secure. After 16 years of living paycheck to paycheck, I will be able to let out a breath and know that I’ll be okay.

So, six months in, do I think manifestation works? Do I think writing down daily things I’m grateful for matters? Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Now, the only question is, what am I going to manifest next?

Danielle/Dani Bannister Author and believer of dreams


2 thoughts on “Ask it. Believe it. Receive it. Pt 2.”

  1. I don’t want to be a downer — but I’m gonna be. Your “test” lacked a control group. Would you have gotten these things if you hadn’t asked for them and believed you’d get them? We’ll never know, but there’s good reason to think that you would, given that manifesting has no known mechanism. Plus, is it just me or are all three of these things closely related in that they are contingent on the first one? Having a best seller gets you the $1000 for the couch, and having that on your resume may have gotten you the job.

    So why rain on your parade? Because you’re spreading an idea that is quite possibly untrue. It may have worked out well for you, but others will find their hopes dashed because you raised them.

    1. I never claimed this was a scientific test. It was just something that worked for me. You don’t have to believe it for yourself. You do you! I’m going to keep doing me. 🙂

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