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Tomorrow, I start a new position working in a new field, transitioning out of the educational realm and into the healthcare world. I have two days of virtual orientation to the company and then I will transition into my team who will further train me on my new remote position.

On Friday, they sent me the computer I will be using for my job. A Mac. I’ve never used a Mac, PC girl through and through, so not only will I be learning a whole new job skillset, I’ll need to learn a whole new operating system. I anticipate my brain feeling like mush for at least a few weeks as I watch some YouTube Mac tutorials to get me as prepared as I can be.

Apple, why are you like this? Not even ONE USB port?
Adapter purchased.

I bought a new journal to take handwritten notes, because, yes, I am that person. I have my lunches/snacks thought out because, for the first time in 16 years, I’ll have set breaks and lunches. While I’ll still be working remotely, there will now be an hourly timeframe to work within. A stark contrast to how I worked before, which was basically all day.

Because I knew this month would be one of change and having to learn a whole new set of skills, I worked ahead on my writing plan so that I wouldn’t burn myself out the rest of March. Today, I’ll finish up my final personal edits of Where You Met Me, Vol. 2 edits that will go to my editor soon. Vol. 3’s first draft is written and I’ll dive into draft two of that in April (when, hopefully, I have a better sense of what the day job flow is.)

That means, my next two releases for this year are still on target. And my 4th set for the end of the year is just waiting for my editor and cover design. I have done all I can to set this writing year up for success. Now, all I need to do is learn a whole new job, in a whole new operating system, with completely different work hours. Easy peasy. I got this.

With my one day off before I start a new gig, am I taking over GLOBAL GIRLS ONLINE BOOK CLUB AS THEIR AUTHOR FOR THE DAY. I will be there basically all day so if you wanna visit feel free! I’d love to ‘see’ you there.

Super excited to hang out here today!

If I don’t blog again this week, it’s because my brain is broken, but I’ll be back!

Danielle/Dani Bannister, author and embracer of changes.


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