My Pen Name: An Update!

A few months ago, I introduced you to my new pen name. Now, three months later, here’s what I’ve learned.

My two names!

Firstly, series are HARD to write/time out/market, etc. This series has consumed almost all of my writing headspace. Normally, I juggle three or four projects at once. I might write the first draft of Book A two days a week, work on the second draft of Book B another two days, and maybe a final pass on the weekends for Books C and D. It’s a process I’ve developed over the years that have helped keep my mind fresh.

But with this series, I’ve needed to stay hyper-focused on Vol 1-3 so that they can release in a faster fashion. That means, my muse can only jump into my suspense project on the weekends. Toss in a new work schedule and things get interesting.

Three of five covers in the series

When starting a new series, you are starting at a disadvantage. It’s a whole new story/characters readers have never met. This is why a series usually doesn’t pick up a larger audience until at least three books are out in the series. (Reader’s don’t like to wait for their content. Not that I can blame them. I’m the same way. I want the next book or TV show/movie NOW! Ha. Even I forget that it takes time to make the creative process work.)

Adding to that new series hurdle, I also was adding a brand new pen name. While readers who knew my work under Danielle Bannister likely know that Dani Bannister is also me, most readers don’t. So my ‘reputation’ as an author is basically starting from zero. Which makes everything harder. Sales aren’t as strong, marketing doesn’t reach as far, reviews are smaller. But that’s how things start. You have to pay your dues. You have to build a backlist of titles. Earn readers’ trust with time and solid stories.

All that said, I won’t hit the marketing of this series hard until Vol. 3 drops, because to do so before then feels like a wasted effort. In the meantime, I need to write Jasmine and Shawn’s story in a fresh, fun, and frisky way five days a week for now.

Now that I think about it, there are worse ways to spend your mornings. 😉

If you’re still on the fence about this story, you can still check out the prequel of their union for free right here on my website. Read Where You MET Me.

Wanna hear more about the pros and cons of pen names? Check out my Bound By Books Podcast on YouTube or Spotify below!

Until Friday, friends!

Danielle/Dani Bannister writer of all the names


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