Don’t Be Fooled Today…

Today’s blog post is a public service announcement. WARNING: It’s April Fool’s day. Believe NOTHING without further independent research.

As an empathetic person, I loathe this day. A day when the ‘holiday’s’ sole purpose is to make someone else believe a lie. It makes me literally nauseous. Can my fellow empaths relate? Or is this just something that upsets me physically?

I can’t watch those videos of people falling and getting mildly hurt. Instead, I worry about them. Did they break something? Do they have good insurance? How much pain might they be in. Do they have someone in their life to help them through it? Yeah. It’s a spiral effect. Don’t get me started on second-hand embarrassment. There is a whole category of movies I won’t watch because of how badly I feel for the hero that keeps getting embarrassed for the sake of laughs. I hate it.

I have issues. Clearly.

Even wildly popular shows like The Office… I have a hard time watching poor Steve Carrel when he’s on the screen. Yes, he’s a moronic character we’re supposed to laugh at, but what I see more than anything is a terribly lonely man. It’s difficult for me to watch him bumble through his life trying desperately to make a connection, with anyone, and consistently failing. (Yes, there is SOME redemption for him with his character when he leaves the show, but man, it was hard to watch the moments leading up to that.)

So, a day devoted to making someone feel foolish? Not a fan. I’m aware this character trait makes me “too sensitive” or “ridiculous” but it’s a part of me. Like it or not.

Today, I shall go through everything I see and hear today with a layer of hesitancy. Even more than normal. Ha.

Until next week, friends!

Danielle/Dani Bannister, author and cautious exister today


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