ARC Sign-Ups for Vol. 2!

It’s time, it’s time! It’s ARC (Advanced Review Copy) time for Where You Left Me, Vol. 2! If you’ve read Vol. 1 and want to be one of the very first to read Vol.2 before it hits shelves in exchange for an honest review, then have I got a sign up for you!

And more are on the way!

If you haven’t yet, you can snag Where You Met Me for free. It’s a prequel to the moments that happen right before Vol. 1 starts. It’s not essential to the series, but it does provide some insight into what Shawn was doing at Jasmine’s wedding in the first place. A bit of juicy fun.

If you missed out on Where You Left Me, Vol. 1, you can snag it here.

Vol. 2 is already up for pre-order as I gear up for launch day, and Vol. 3’s pre-order link will be close behind it. There are two more volumes planned for this series that will come out in 2023, but these four slices of the story should keep you going for a while, (I hope.) I’m writing them as fast as my schedule allows. This whole 9-5 day job thing puts a TINY (huge) crunch on my writing time, but I’m going as fast as I can to give you more of Jasmine and Shawn!

That’s all for me this week. Have an awesomesauce weekend!


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