Member perks. Did you get yours?

It’s the 15th of the month! That means if you are on my newsletter, you’ll get a free story, chapter, or glimpse at a yet-to-be-released work in progress emailed directly to your inboxes. Subscribers also get access to exclusive signed paperback giveaways and are the first to hear of upcoming sales and book news. Recently, they also got the first look at my prequel chapter Where You Met Me well before the rest of the world did. I’m giving them all the perks, people!

Each month, I write something for the newsletter subscribers that is either sweet, sexy, or suspenseful that I share only with them as a way of saying “thank you” for supporting indie authors like myself. I’ll even toss in polls to ask readers what type of story they want next or how they think a current WIP should play out.

What will it be this month?

I just started this offering in January of this year. So far, I’ve offered up a few steamy chapters and a story that could have gone a rom-com direction or a suspense direction (I polled readers about what they’d prefer, and rom-com is the path they wanted!) This month, it’s a bit of suspense coming their way. Were you one of the people who got it?

Join my subscriber list and never miss out on a free, exclusive story. (Sales pitch, much, Danielle? oof.)

Anywho, if that pitch worked, you can join my newsletter here:

That’s all from me for now. Laters Gaters (*shameless Moon Knight reference)


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