Are you there, Laura? It’s me.

Today’s blog post is a bit of an odd one, I’ll admit because it only applies to ONE person. Literally. But, if you want a fun story with a small treat at the end, read along.

Several years ago, a reader from Australia reached out to me via e-mail. Let’s call her Laura (because that’s her name.) I think she found me through my blog (hence why I’m posting here. ) She had read one of my books and reached out to tell me so. Laura is also a writer and for years after that first contact, we sent long winding emails back and forth talking shop and life stresses. It was always a treat to get an email from her because we each wrote novel-length emails. We became long distant, digital pen-pals.

Then, one day, I sent her an email and didn’t hear back for months. I knew she was going through some life/work changes so I didn’t think anything of it. She’d reach out when she had settled. Eventually, she emails I asking how I was doing. I replied back about how much I’d missed her, and wondered if she got my last e-mail since I hadn’t heard from her. And nothing. Nada. Weird.

Then, about a year later, she messaged again, reaching out sorry that she hadn’t written, hoping I was well, yadda, yadda, yadda. I emailed back immediately, but again. No reply. Very weird. I even sent her a separate email from a different account wondering if she might have inadvertently blocked me.


She’s not really on social media often, though I did try to reach her there. Nothing.

So, Laura, if you happen to catch this blog post: I’M NOT AVOIDING YOU. I just can’t seem to get into your inbox! Ha. Shoot me a message on Facebook! I miss you and need to be caught up on all the things!

If you are NOT, Laura, and you’ve made it this far, here is your treat: a picture of my daughter’s dog getting a bath. She’s a pretty little lady.

Until next time, friends (and Laura too if you read this!)

Danielle/Dani Bannister, author and searcher of my friend, Laura


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