Well, well…Look who’s in KU?

I don’t often put things in Kindle Unlimited (KU), mostly because I don’t like to put my eggs all in one basket. However, I also know that there are readers who use KU quite often, and every now and again, I put a title in there for a few months to give KU readers a chance to take my work out for a try.

In the past, I’ve put my fantasy trilogy, but’s now off the platform, so I thought it was time to add a new trilogy to the mix. My Twin Flames Trilogy.

Twin Flames: Two halves of the same soul.

These were the first books I ever wrote. I wanted to write about something deeper than soul mates, and in my research, stumbled upon the term Twin Flames which are the literal other half of the same soul separated, sometimes by centuries. I wondered what it might be like if two halves of the same soul walked into the same room together as strangers. Would their hearts know they belong together? Hence, Pulled was born. That book was supposed to be a one-and-done. A, wow, look. I wrote a book. And then move on with my life. Little did I know that one book would keep my butt in the chair ten years later.

So, if you’re in KU and haven’t checked these ones out yet, now is your chance.

Pulled: http://smarturl.it/PulledAMZ
Pulled Back: http://smarturl.it/PulledBackAMZ
Pulled Back Again: http://smarturl.it/PulledBackAgainAMZ

Until next week…RELEASE WEEK…. ahhhhhh!!!

Danielle/Dani Bannister, author and release of all the things!


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