Well, that was unexpected: New Contract

If you’re in my reader group, Write all the words, Danielle, then this isn’t news. I’ve been wanting to talk about it sooner, but you know… life.

Recently, City Owl Press (the press that published Girl on Fire) has been pitching for film/TV for that book hard, because they love it, but they were hearing that what a lot of studios were looking for was diversity. The subject of one of my characters being an undiagnosed adult on the spectrum came up. I gave her the elevator pitch of the plot and she said, ‘gimmie.’

I sent her a copy of the book to read, and a day later, I had a contract in hand.


That’s right, The First 100 Kisses is now in their hands to shop around for film/TV projects. This doesn’t guarantee anything, but it is a step in a great direction. Not to mention that it’s nice to have a company that believes strongly enough in my work to even attempt to get either this title or Girl on Fire onto a screen.

How cool would seeing this on a screen be?

I mean, it was kind of wild to daydream a little when she asked me to compile who my dream cast would be so she’d have some names to mention when she went in to pitch. Naturally, I had my own answers to give her because, as you know, I make book bibles for my stories. I rattled off Anna Kendrick’s name lightning fast. She has always been my Chloe, but I’m not so sure she’d be down for all of the, er, ‘action’ this book has. Though, I could totally see a TV/Film project taming some of those scenes anyway so… maybe? Come on Universe, make it happen. 😉

Liam was harder for me because the actor I had in mind is now far too old for the part of a man in his mid-30s, so I went with a blonde Cole Sprouse. (And yes, I know his brother Dylan wears his hair blond normally, and while they may be twins, their acting is not at the same level. Sorry, Dylan.)

I’m curious, however, if you’ve read The First 100 Kisses, who would you pick to play Chloe and Liam? I’d happily toss other names her way!

Until next week, dream a little dream with me!

Danielle/Dani Bannister author and dreamer of all the good things


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