Falling Behind & Playing Catch-up

It’s been seven months almost to the day that I shifted day-job careers. I went from a job where I could work my own hours (for the most part) to one that has set hours: 8:30-5:00 M-F. While there are numerous benefits to this new gig, shifting to set hours has proven harder than I would have thought. It makes for a tighter schedule somehow. Requires more discipline to stay on task.

To help combat falling behind in my writing goals, I made a plan (because of course I did.) I have a power hour from 7-8 every weekday to write/edit, whatever the schedule calls for. Then, on the weekend, I tend to administrative tasks (blog posts, email, graphics, newsletters, etc.)

so much erasing lately

This schedule was working out swimmingly, until… I fell behind on a writing task. I overestimated how quickly my first draft words were going to flow and now I find myself a few days behind schedule, and not a lot of time to play catch-up before Nanowrimo starts in November (more to come on that later this month.)

With the holiday on Monday, I had to buckle down and write more chapters than I was planning that day. Now, the easy thing would have been to just say ‘screw it,’ and be a couch potato all day. It’s a holiday! I need a break! I work hard all week, damn it! Don’t I get one day to sit and aimlessly watch YouTube all day?

Yes, you do, Danielle. Once you’ve caught up. Now stop writing this blog and go write ahead so you can be a YouTube vegetable this weekend.

Until next week, friends!

Danielle/Dani Bannister, author and daydreamer of lazy Sundays


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