TWO Big News Items To Share!

I know you’re probably sick to death hearing from me lately what with Nanowrimo, the book signing I have going on tomorrow, and my release Tuesday, but I have news and I need to share it!

One is of a personal nature and one is a writing-related one.

On the personal front, MY SON GOT INTO COLLEGE! Now, that may not seem like a huge deal. Kids get into college every day. It’s a huge deal for us because up until a few weeks ago, my son had ZERO interest in any additional education after graduation. No trade schools, no community colleges, and definitely no universities. He wanted to just start his life already. He was sick of school.

Then, came a mandatory college fair at school. He picked four schools literally at random. He wasn’t going, so what did it matter what he picked, right? Well, one of the schools he picked was CMCC. He didn’t even know what the letters stood for. Turns out it stands for Central Maine Community College. A school about an hour and a half away from his parents.

As he was at the CMCC session, not really paying attention to any of it, he heard the recruiter say the words “Esports and gaming.” They have a college Esports team. With tryouts, uniforms, the whole 9 yards. Suddenly, he was all ears. He came home with a pamphlet and we jumped on the chance to go on a tour. Maybe if he could SEE what college would be like, SO NOT like high school, he might change his tune about wanting to go.

The next week, on a gorgeous fall day we toured the campus. He thought he might like to look into graphic design, cause he has some mad drawing skills. No clue where he got that from. While on the tour, we stopped at the Esports section.

It was here that he learned he could not only try out to be on their Esports team, (yes, you have to try out to be on an online gaming team) he could also major in Esports Management. Managing tournaments. Who knew that was a thing? Apparently, it is a growing market that has some pretty good salaries the longer you’re at it. His eyes lit up. He could major in the thing he loves? Get out of dodge! He applied the second he got home, and we just found out, he was accepted into the program!

And to think, all from choosing a recruiter at random to listen to. To that woman, I say, THANK YOU!

The second bit of news happened the same day that he got accepted. And it’s kind of bizarre how it happened. For the last year or so, I’ve been working on manifesting things that I wanted into my life. I wanted to get a better job with benefits. I got one. I wanted a very particular blue couch. I got the couch. I wanted a car that wouldn’t slide all over the place in winter and constantly be in the shop. I got my first 2019 Jeep with 4WD in the spring. Ask it, believe it, receive it. That is my routine.

When I manifest, I try to picture myself in the moment of the change I want to see. For instance, with the couch, I imagined myself sitting on the couch in my living room, curled up with a blanket and a good book. I tried to feel how comfortable it might be. That sort of thing. For this book-related manifestation, I imagined I’d be at my desk grinding away at the day job. Things would be going nuts. I would be stressed. Out straight. But then, I’d get a call from my publisher with some sort of a deal. I didn’t even care what. I just wanted them to call and offer me something. That would be validation that I was on the right path. That was the manifestation. Let me know that I shouldn’t give up on writing. For months, I replayed that moment when I got the call in my head. Months!

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, I was in the middle of a high-stakes task at the day job. Rush tasks were piling up. E-mails and notifications kept pinging. I could feel the stress building up. Then, I get a notification on my cell phone. I almost didn’t look at it because I was so busy. But I checked in case it was one of my kids. It wasn’t them. It was my publisher, saying, ‘I know you’re working but do you have time for a quick call?’

Holy shit. My manifestation was happening just as I imagined it would. I took the call, obviously, and an offer WAS made with a nice advance (for me.) I can’t tell you the details yet as the contract is currently being drawn up, but once it’s signed, I’ll fill you in! Validation. The message was clear.

Don’t you dare give up writing. I have plans for you.

-The Universe

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do some more manifesting. And some writing. I need to submit the book they want by end of the month. Nanowrimo who? Sorry, you have been kicked to the curb. Mama needs to focus on something else!

Dani/Danielle Bannister, author and manifestor of all the things


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