Books & Health Update: All the Deets

Some of you may recall that I ended up in the ER about a month ago with serum sickness. I had a rare reaction to a new infusion medication they were trying for my ulcerative colitis as my current meds were no longer cutting it. My body said ‘No thank you’ to that infusion and promptly made my entire body hurt. Like, even walking was agony. So, that was fun. After a round of steroids, I’m able to move again. Huzzah. Our next approach to treating my illness is a drug called Stelara. It consists of a one-time infusion at the hospital and then I’ll give myself an injection every eight weeks thereafter. (Fun. Not) I go for that infusion this week so… stay tuned?

As for book news, I do have a few updates. My Yonder project? This one?

Well, it IS still coming soon, just not as soon as we’d hoped. My publisher, who handled the rights negotiations for this story, City Owl Press, met with representatives from Yonder this week and while they are very eager to get my project (and others) onto their platform, they also want to invest some time to do proper strategic marketing for the titles they release. This tells me they are invested and want to make sure these stories get the best launch they can. They aren’t just going to throw a bunch of stuff to see what sticks. They want to do this right. Not a bad thing. For this research, they need about a month to figure out the marketing push they want to put behind each of the titles. So, for now, it’s a ‘hurry up and wait’ situation with possibly a Feb/March release timeframe. Another stay-tuned moment! I’m hopeful that this marketing effort will only benefit the authors and readers on the app!

While A Single Step is outside of my publishing control, my contemporary steamy romance novella series Where You Left Me is not. The release of that series is still very much on track. In fact, Vol. 4 just went to the editor on Friday the 13th (ooooo) and I just finished the second round of Vol. 5 so that’s still on target for its May release.

I’ve also put Vol. 4 on sale for 0.99 cents and there is always the free prequel PDF if you want to get a sense of the story before you buy which is right here on my website.

WHERE YOU MET ME (Free prequel chapter)




WHERE YOU LEFT ME, Vol. 4 (02.07.23)

WHERE YOU LEFT ME, Vol. 5 (Pre-Order)

Phew, that’s a lot of updates for one week but there you have it. New year, new med, new writing projects. Bring it!

Danielle/Dani Bannister, author and updater of all the news


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