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Steamy Contemporary Romance Series

No groom? No problem.

Jasmine Fairchild has been left at the altar. Literally. With the bouquet still in her hands, she’s determined not to let her cheating ex have all the fun. She wasn’t going to waste her honeymoon to The Bahamas. She was still going. All she needed was a ‘groom.’

Fortunately for her, there was a waiting church of people. Surely, one of them would want a free week-long cruise in exchange for getting fake married on the spot. It didn’t even matter who she took with her, as long as she didn’t have to go alone. That would be too humiliating.

Will Jasmine nab herself a volunteer from the waiting crowd willing to drop everything to leave the country with her simply so she can avoid dealing with reality? And more importantly, would her volunteer be cute?

Find out in Where You Left Me, Vol. 1, a red-hot contemporary lust-to-lovers romance novella. If you like your romance with a lot of heart, humor, and heat, then you’ll love Dani Bannister’s sizzling series.

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“I have a huge favor to ask.”

Chloe Clark’s smoking-hot neighbor and best friend, Liam, needed her help. To practice his kissing. Chloe knew it wasn’t a joke. Liam was socially awkward, and on the spectrum, which was why he was still single at 33. Women didn’t understand Liam the way Chloe did. Yeah, he was odd, but he was her bestie. She had her issues, too. Like always falling for the wrong guys. That’s what made them work as besties. They accepted each other for who they were. No pretending. No games. Perfectly platonic. 

So when Liam asked Chloe for help to get him ready for a second chance date with his high school sweetheart she could hardly say no. After all, Liam was woefully inexperienced; like virgin-level pure. It was downright criminal for someone that sexy to be so untouched.

What choice did she have? She couldn’t leave her bestie to make a fool of himself with the woman he’d loved since he was a teenager. She’d give him a few pointers, let him practice a few kisses on her, maybe teach him a slow burn kiss, or the right way to cup a woman’s breast, then send him on his merry way. He just needed a few kisses under his belt and he’d be fine for his date.

The bumped heads and smooshed noses Chloe expected. What she hadn’t counted on, was liking Liam’s kisses. A lot.

When the practice sessions become a major turn-on for Chloe, how will she keep her pesky libido in check? And worse, how was she supposed to hand him over to another woman after she’d fallen for him so hard?

The First Hundred Kisses is the first book in the Practice Makes Perfect Series. Careful, steamy scenes ahead!


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A later-in-love small-town romance series

DOPPELGANGER (A Later in Life Romance)

Julie Green was NOT having a midlife crisis.

Nor was she running across the country away from all of her life’s mistakes. She was simply starting her life over in a small town where no one knew her or her past.

That had been the plan anyway.

When a case of mistaken identity catapults her into the public eye, Julie has to decide if she wants to be a movie star’s doppelganger with all the perks of wealth and glamor that comes with fame, or if she preferred a quiet life with that devilishly handsome widower who she might just be falling for.

Doppelganger is a sweet romance filled with humor and heart. It is part of the Later-In-Life series set in the small town of Bucksville, New Hampshire. Other books in this series include Must Love Coffee and Taking Stock. Each book can be read in any order.

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MUST LOVE COFFEE (A Later in Life Romance)

Coffee shop owner Finn Allen just lost his best barista.

While small-town living had its perks, experienced baristas wasn’t one of them. His one request for his job? They must love coffee.

When a tea-drinking blast from the past, Samantha Whitcomb applies for the job, Finn is torn. On the one hand, he’s desperate for help. On the other, she was such a square back in high school. Then again, Finn had evolved from his old playboy ways. Maybe Sam’s rockin’ figure wasn’t the only thing that had changed about her. Maybe she was cool now.

Their strained past is put to the test when Finn takes her under his wing. But there’s something Sam is hiding. Something darker than the French Roast. A secret that might just destroy a budding friends-to-lovers story.

Must Love Coffee is part of the Later-In-Life series set in the small town of Bucksville, New Hampshire. Other books in this series include Doppleganer, and Taking Stock. Each book can be read in any order.

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TAKING STOCK (A Later in Life Romance)

Can love really happen later in life?

Penny White was doing just fine as a cashier in the small town of Bucksville, New Hampshire. She had three cats and an apartment to herself. So what if she was in her mid-thirties and had yet to have a serious boyfriend? So what if she’d never left her tiny little town? She was happy in her sheltered life, or at least she was pretending to be.

Everything was just the way she liked it, until a reporter from The Sunset Journal waltzed into her life, turning her predictable world upside down. What did this man want from her and was it something she was willing to give him? It’s time for Penny to stop and take stock of what it is she really wants.

Taking Stalk is part of the Later-In-Life series set in the small town of Bucksville, New Hampshire. Other books in this series include Doppelganger and Taking Stock. Each book can be read in any order.

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Would you date 26 men in a year for 50K?

Perpetually single 40-year-old Dee Harper decides to take up her rich bestie, Gail, on her dare: 50K to date 26 men, A-Z, in the course of one year. What could possibly go wrong?

A desperate for cash Dee begins her dating journey with Adam the Arrogant, then merges to Brian the Boring, to several letters that blur together in a whole slew of dating disasters that are burned on her brain like Eli the Energetic and Kevin the Klepto.

Join Dee as she navigates her way through the bottom of the barrel of what the male species has to offer, only to discover the cream of the crop in the most unlikely of places.  

The ABCs of Dee is filled to the brim with heart and humor about the joys of dating ‘later in life,’ romance where you least expect it, and the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice. Get ready for laughter, tears, and all the good feels.

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