Book Club: Girl on Fire


Invite me to your book club to discuss GIRL ON FIRE

Seriously! If you have a book club and you happen to be reading GIRL ON FIRE, I’d love to come participate in your book club Via ZOOM. If you’d like to schedule something, request a time here. The form will ask for some information about your group and allow you to choose from a few dates and times that may work for your group. If my schedule allows for it, I would totally be up for hanging with you.

For your use, I’ve pulled together a Book Club Kit that you can use with or without me involved in your group meeting! Here’s what’s in the kit:

  • A letter from me
  • A character list of the main characters with who I saw in my mind playing them
  • Discussion questions
  • Girl on Fire dinner suggestion-a fiery spaghetti naturally!
  • Fun Facts about the story