Lights, camera, and puns! (Brackish Waters Film Post #5)

Another day of filming in the bag. Click to read more.


Why this introvert needs an extrovert in their lives

I wanted to go see Wonder Woman last week. I wanted to see it in the theatre. I could taste the salty popcorn…feel the bass of the surround sound reverberating in my chest, but I didn’t go. Why? Because I’m ridiculous.

So I May Have Bought A Treadmill

Oh, I know what you’re all thinking…A treadmill, really? That’s just going to turn into a coat rack, you know. No, it won’t. Not again…(cough) Here’s the thing. I’m no spring chicken anymore. At least, that’s what my doctor tells me. I need to get my butt moving cause, well, health reasons. My doc has…