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Brackish Waters Filming (Post 1)

I’m going to be in a movie! Click to read post 1 of the process.

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It’s All Good

On Saturday I went to my ex-husband’s surprise 40th birthday party that I helped decorate with his new wife, the stepmother to my kids. His parents were there too. My former inlaws. It should have been an exceedingly awkward evening,

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When a couch is more than a couch.

I did something wild and crazy this week. I bought a couch. That may not seem like that big of an event to blog about, but it was cathartic for me. Let me explain. No there is too much, let

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When the curtain goes down…

If you have ever done a play before, you will likely remember the days following the last curtain as either a time of great relief (if the show was a horrible experience) or one of great sorrow (reserved for those

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The Show Must Go On…

For those who live in the New England area, you know that we are living under two plus feet of snow (with another 6-10 inches coming tomorrow). Yeah. That’s the end of a shovel just barely sticking out of the

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Today’s the day!!!

EEEP! It’s Release Day! Doppelganger is now LIVE!  Amazon:  ibooks: Smashwords: Nook: Paperback: Blurb Julie Green was NOT having a midlife crisis. Her move across the country from sunny LA to the unsuspecting town of

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How it all begins…

I thought it might be fun to share the first chapter of my latest release. It gives you a taste of the voice of the book. 🙂 Because WordPress doesn’t seem to believe in the tab button and aligns everything

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