A New Year, a New Collaboration

One of the joys of acting (which I also do) is a collaboration with other creative people. Writing, generally, is a solitary sort of creativity, at least before it gets ready for publication. Which is why it’s fun to toss in some co-writing during a writing year. For instance, working with Amy Miles on the third book in The Hallowed Realms trilogy, or writing a new romantic novel with fellow Maine author, R.J. Keller.

Each collaboration teaches me more about myself as a writer and the unique ways every writer works. It’s a fun way for me to learn about the process (which, just as in my theatre work, is my favorite part.)

For my next first draft of 2020, I am opting to write a romance (cause that’s how I do) but also combining my love of theatre. The book will revolve around an actress and the show she is rehearsing. Which means…they need to be rehearsing something. In my first ever book, Pulled, I did something similar, but used a well-known show, Romeo & Juliet because that was sort of key to the story and only a small part of the narrative. This book, the ‘script’ they are working with will be a bit more center stage, which means … I need a play for them to rehearse.

I could have opted to pull another classical play and try to find something that might line up with my book’s theme (or the opposite of it.) Instead, I decided to see if there was a local Maine playwright who either had an existing script or wanted to write something new that would work for my plan.

This plan.

My first choice playwright, I assumed, would say no because let’s be honest, this is a sort of crazy premise. But fortunately for me, he is also sort of crazy (I have no doubt he would agree with this assessment.) So without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce that I’ll be working on this project within a project with the multi-talented, Randy Hunt.

Randy is an actor, writer, poet, director, and playwright among other things. While I’ve only met Randy a few times when he lived in the area, his work speaks for itself, as does his drive. I’m excited to work with an up and coming name in entertainment. You can read his post about the collaboration HERE.

2020 is looking like a fun-filled year!

Danielle Bannister, Author and collaborator of all the things