The Final Tease…

This is the final cover tease for my next release… eep.

My first book with my new pen name. It feels strange yet cool all at the same time.

But what, you ask, is the title? Well, that will be revealed next Tuesday. Along with pre-order links (if the platforms play nice and get me my links in time.)

I’m super excited for this one and I hope you are too. Until next week, I hope you have an AMAZING holiday!

Danielle Bannister, a.k.a. Dani Bannister, cover teaser


Tease me: Part 2

You know I love a good tease, and today we take more off the cover reveal (Full reveal 12-28-21.)

This will be the first entry into my romance pen name, Dani Bannister.

A few people might be able to guess what this is already. If so, shhhhh!

This will be Vol. 1 of many… We’ll see how long the story survives in my head, but there are at least three of these planned for release in 2022, with more planned for 2023, so… we shall see! In my rough outlines, I’m seeing 5 of them, but who knows, it may evolve into more?

What can you expect from this series?

  1. They will have the same two characters throughout the series.
  2. They will be steamy. If you don’t want to see smexy times, this series won’t be for you.
  3. They will be novellas (roughly 25K words.)
  4. They will be contemporary romances.
  5. They will be fun, page-turners.

I’ve ordered a print proof of the book to check for internal layout and overall look/feel, which with the print shortage and the sluggish mail system, I’ll probably see it after the book goes live in February, but whenever I DO get it, and I’ve finished using it for what I need it for, I’ll host a giveaway of that one and only proof copy, because that’s always fun!

Until next time when I’ll be in the throws of prepping for my daughter’s 16th birthday! AHHH!

Danielle Bannister, a.k.a. Dani Bannister, author and cover teaser


Cover Tease #1

Last week I let you know that I was taking on a pen name and that I’d have a new release with that name early next year. Well, I’m starting the rollout of the cover reveal today!

I present to you, teaser #1! (A full reveal will happen on 12-28-21.)

Ooooooo. I’m such a tease!

What I DO let you see is: Volume One. Hmmmm. Interesting. 😉 Yep. This will be book 1 in a series of several rapid-release novellas. A first for me! I’m busy putting the second book together and right after that is done, I’m diving into book 3, and then book 4… you get the point.

What do I mean by rapid-release? Within a few months of each other! I won’t be tormenting you by having to way six months to a year for a continuation of a story. How fun will that be?

When the full cover reveal happens at the end of the month, I’ll have up a pre-order link up if you want to snatch it!

Until I take a little more off next week!

Danielle (and Dani) Bannister, author, and cover teaser!



By now you all know how much I love to tease out a cover/title reveal. Well, this next book is no different. Today we take off yet another layer. The next one will be the FULL cover!

For those not familiar about what I’m referring to, it’s the cover tease for the book f/k/a as Enigma. That title has been acquired by City Owl Press. They have retitled the book and are going in a completely different direction marketing wise and I’m here for it!

Enough teasing, Danielle, SHOW ME THE NEXT REVEAL!


The book doesn’t go live until September 7, but the pre-order links should be available soon. I’ll be sure to share them as soon as I get them! Which should be SOON!

Until then my peeps, stay cool!

Danielle Bannister, author and revealer of book covers


Cover Tease number 2!

For those following along with the rebirth of Enigma into its new form under my new publisher’s vision (City Owl Press) today is cover tease number 2!

When the publishing house acquired the manuscript they told me they’d be not only changing the overall LOOK of the book, but the TITLE would change as well. Which actually makes a whole lot of sense from a marketing perspective.

While I ADORED my original cover and title, it didn’t do its job of conveying what the story would be about. And ideally, that’s exactly what a cover should do at the first glance, even in a thumbnail. You should be able to see a cover/title and pick up the overall vibe of the story. Within that three seconds, the tone of the book should be there. It’s the very first stop a reader makes. From there, they’ll typically look at the description, then the reviews, then the sample. Each stop on the reader path is important, but if you miss the first light, you’re toast. That’s why covers matter so much.

The two covers are wildly different to be sure. But one makes a subtle statement and one makes a bold one. Go big or go home, right?

Here’s the sneak peek at the revised cover! (Full reveal on July 8.)

Obvious differences are, of course, the coloring. While Enigma is mostly white with an extinguished match (Sarah is a pyromaniac) with her looking out from that smoke, this new cover is notably darker, because at the end of the day, it’s a pretty dark story. The pyromania element is still evident, not only in the burning match, but we now will also have the word FIRE as part of the title.

City Owl Press isn’t shying away from the trauma Sarah goes through, but is rather leaning into the horrors she endures. Something I don’t think I had been ready to do when I first put the book out there. I think I was almost embarrassed by the things I put Sarah through. While I loved the story, I wasn’t really sure I wanted people to read it. I’m ready now.

All that’s left to do is be patient and let release day (Sept. 7, 2021) approach.

Danielle Bannister, author and impatient waiter of books to drop.


Time for a facelift!

In September, my first book Pulled turns ten! How is that possible? They grow up so fast. *sniff. The covers were starting to show their age. Accordingly, it was past time to give this trilogy a makeover.

While the old covers were fine, at the end of the day, they didn’t do the job that a cover should: convey they genre. I mean, you look at these and the first thing you think is dark and paranormal vibes, right?

Also…see how tiny my name is? Author insecurity 101.

Not EXACTLY the right genre. While the books do have some darkness and could be seen as paranormal if you didn’t believe in the concept of Twin Flames, it was misleading readers about the journey Naya and Etash were going to encounter, which ultimately is a powerful love story. A deep soul connection that goes beyond a simple crush. So, if these books are about a love story…why do I not have a couple on the cover? *smacks head. Good question.

For the facelift, I needed something dark, yet romantic. For that, I turned to my go-to cover artist (who did NOT do the old covers) Amy at Q Design Cover and Brand Premades. Poor Amy. I gave her an impossible task. There is a LOT of text for a cover. The title of the book, the name of the series, the subtitle for each book AND an author name. Getting all of that on a cover without making it look crowded is not an easy task, but I think she did it beautifully.

HOWEVER, it’s not quite time to show off her hard work. Yet. You know me, I like to tease you. So, this week you’ll just get the bottom of the cover, which has my name rebrand loud and proud. No more hiding that in the shadows. By dropping my long name to two lines, I can give it the weight it should have had in the first place. Now it can be seen even in thumbnail. Oh, the things we learn over the years about being an author.

See you next week!

Danielle Bannister, author and cover teaser


Lots to tease!

Book teases, that is! (Minds out of the gutters people!)

For those of you who missed it on my social media platforms, I have a cover tease out with a full reveal on 9-1-20. EEP! This is for my Young Adult novel, a first in the genre for me. Double eep. Check back here on the 1st for the full cover!

I also shared in my reader’s group Write All the Words, Danielle, and on my author page, Bannister Books but I’ll share it here too! Just a few opening lines of the book. 🙂

Why were boys so stupid? Like, seriously? Why couldn’t they see that their literal other halves were sitting only a few chairs away from them? How could they not pick up on the energy of obsession that wafted their way? Probably because the object of my obsession was a boy who barely knew my name, let alone that I was staring at him while pretending to read.

Ah, angst-ridden youth. It brings me back. Back to a time when the stakes were high and everything was riding on a moment. I wrote this book for my teenagers who are going through this very angsty time, though neither one of them will likely read it. Ha. But that’s not to say it’s a story only for teens. All of my adult beta readers who have read it (so far) have thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you will, too.

Okay, that’s all the teasing for today. I’m now onto write on my next WIP!

Danielle Bannister, author and teaser of all the book things