How much spice do you like?

In your romance books, that is? Now that I’ve split my books into Dani and Danielle Bannister, Dani for the romance-heavy titles, Danielle Bannister for the suspense/romance, I’m trying to figure out what readers of mine prefer.

Some of you have been with me for the last ten years and have read all the MANY genres I’ve written from YA, to fantasy, to rom-com, up to and including my spicy and suspense titles.

Now that I’ve narrowed myself to romance and romantic suspense, I wonder about heat levels and if readers are anticipating a consistent level of heat from me, or if they prefer variety. Hence, asking you!

Any feedback on this topic will help me with future books because I want to give you what you want (That’s what she said.)

Until next week, friends, stay golden!

Dani/Danielle Bannister, author and spice questioner