The GI Follow-Up & 2 Fun Things!

Here’s a post no one asked for. But this is a follow-up to The GI Update I posted a few months ago. Back in September, my GI doc informed me that my Ulcerative Colitis that I had been managing for 16 years on two different pills was no longer cutting it. After a colonoscopy, a stool sample, and special labs came back, it was determined: This course of treatment is not working. I was going to have to try a new med. I second tier drug, with higher risk factors. Great. I’d been avoiding having to make that switch for as long as I could but it was time to switch.

After a long battle with my insurance (because this type of drug is NOT cheap), I finally went in for my first treatment. It needs to be given via an IV at the hospital and takes about 3 hours to administer. They had to use a special light to find my veins which are, apparently deep, and why people have such trouble giving me an IV. This new light was like a road map. One jab and we were golden. I did feel silly asking for a footstool, but my feet didn’t touch the floor and I had no desire to sit for 3 hours with my feet dangling.

All and all it wasn’t bad. Long, but no discomfort from the meds during or after. I’ll have two more visits this year to finish my ‘loading’ doses’ and then I’ll be getting the treatment every 8 weeks if all goes well. In theory, I should start to see a pretty fast improvement. Which is odd, because I feel okay already. But here’s the thing. Maybe my ‘ok’ is just something I’ve learned to deal with over the last 16 years. Maybe in the coming days/weeks, I’ll realize that what I have been enduring has NOT been okay. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to the discomfort? Who knows, maybe this medicine is my manifestation of wanting my UC to be under control? I’ll keep you posted (even if you don’t want to be.)

Well, enough of the GI talk. (GROSS) Now, for the fun things!

  1. If you haven’t been on my Facebook author page lately, you should go! I’m hosting a 24-Days of Giving event! One winner is going to take it all so the more days you enter, the better your odds! Here are just the first few days posted so far!

If you don’t know if you’re following that page, you can check it out here:

2. If you’re in the Bangor Maine Area, you should stop by this event and say hi! I’ll be there selling books, but so will a lot of other Maine authors. Books signed by the author make great gifts for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list! The event will take place at 120 Park Street (the Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor Church) Saturday, Dec. 10 from 11-5PM!

Okay, that will do it for me for now. Talk to you next week!

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