I know things have been a little nuts with me and my recent trip to the ER, (I can move my limbs now. More details on that once a new med has been chosen.)

But do any of you remember a slightly vague post I mentioned a bit ago about signing a deal for something but I couldn’t quite share the details until the ink was dry? Well, it’s dry!

I now have a one-year contract via City Owl Press with Webtoons under their Yonder app! For those unfamiliar with either, they are massive reading apps that do very well internationally. Yonder is a new serialized fiction line that they are launching, so my story is literally starting on the ground floor of the platform. Only one way to grow from there! (Think Kindle Vella, in terms of format, chapter-by-chapter releases, but on a larger distribution scale.)

Partnership with Yonder app by Webtoons

They asked me to submit a proposal with the genre, the word count, a log line, and any troupes. If they were interested in seeing the first three chapters after reading that, they would reach out.

Well, a few weeks later, they asked for the first three chapters. A few days later, a contract was signed before they even saw the finished manuscript. They were hooked. Eeep! So what now? Currently, we are designing the cover, and soon, I’ll be told when it will appear on the app which should be in early 2023. Once I have those details, you can be assured that you will be in the know!

Until next time, I need to log into the day job!

Danielle/Dani Bannister