Cover and Title Reveal Today!

It’s time, it’s time! Cover Reveal time!

I have had this cover for MONTHS and it’s been killing me not to share it sooner, but today is the day. My first Young Adult (YA) book is having its cover and title reveal!

Cover by Q Design Cover and Brand Premades-Amy Queau

Here’s the Blurb:
It started as a stupid assignment: Photograph the moon in all its phases. Child’s play for high school junior Heather Daughtry. Science, she understood. How to be a wallflower, easy. Being besties with an extrovert who radiated awesomeness, she had down pat. Boys, however, were a subject she just couldn’t get a handle on. 

Especially after Josh Gavin, the guy Heather had been infatuated with for three years, asks her best friend, Trista, to Homecoming instead of her. The reality Heather is used to shifts, then turns upside-down after a plan is concocted with Trista to put Josh back into Heather’s reach. It would be insane, that much she knew, but she followed Trista… Because that’s what moons do.

How it came to be:
I wrote a YA book because I wanted to write something my teenagers could read (if they were so inclined.) All of my other books, they are forbidden to read until they are at least 40, and maybe not even then. Ha!

The inspiration for the book came from one image that I picked up at random from a set of cards that were face down. This was the card that I picked.

From there, the book was born. What Moons Do is a Coming of Age story about the challenges of accepting who you are in the middle of adolescence. 

What Moons Do will release on my birthday. Oct. 5, 2020.

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Danielle Bannister, author and writer of the Young Adult Novels