Lights, camera, boats! (Brackish Waters Film Post 3)

Filming, and nature, and boats, oh my! Read about my latest filming adventure!

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Exciting News!!!

The secret is finally out!!! I have a cover reveal to share. One several years in the making! Come see…

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Lights, Camera, Action (Brackish Waters filming Post 2)

My first day of shooting and Indie Film. Read on…

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Brackish Waters Filming (Post 1)

I’m going to be in a movie! Click to read post 1 of the process.

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Why this introvert needs an extrovert in their lives

I wanted to go see Wonder Woman last week. I wanted to see it in the theatre. I could taste the salty popcorn…feel the bass of the surround sound reverberating in my chest, but I didn’t go. Why? Because I’m ridiculous.

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I’d rather be writing…

I’d rather be writing. Instead, I’m stuck in editing hell. Wait, isn’t that the same thing as writing? It’s attached to writing sure, but it’s the ugly underbelly of the beast.

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It’s All Good

On Saturday I went to my ex-husband’s surprise 40th birthday party that I helped decorate with his new wife, the stepmother to my kids. His parents were there too. My former inlaws. It should have been an exceedingly awkward evening,

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